Long-term Car Rental Dubai

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We strive to get you the best long-term car rental plans fromtop car leasing companies in the UAE. Quality cars, exceptionalservice with flexible lease terms at competitive rates is whatyou can expect from us. Many corporates and individuals inDubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have realized tremendousbenefits of leasing cars through us:

  • Compare multiple quotes and get sound advice
  • Access to exclusive deals, discounts and bonus mileage
  • Zero down-payment and lower monthly costs
  • No maintenance, insurance and registration costs
  • Vehicle replacement incase of accident or breakdown
  • Easy upgrade without disrupting your cashflow

Leasing a Car in Dubai is easy

Blue Wing presents these brand new, zero-km driven cars at the best rates ever - available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates on individual or corporate leaseplans provided by the most recommended car lease company in the UAE.

Tell Us Your Requirement

You fill up the Car Leasing Form and tell us what type of car(s)and lease plan you are looking for. If you're leasing for the firsttime, our experts assist you with available and guide youthrough it

Get Muliple Lease Plans

We will analyze your requirements in conjunction with ourreputed car lease service providers and get you the best offerswithin 60 minutes. You review and choose the plan that bestsuits your company / personal requirements.

Activate Car Lease Program

We connect you to the car leasing company offering the longterm plan you chose. They'll provide you with the details youneed and help you sign the car lease plan. It's as simple as that!